For your lasercutting project, we can work with a design that you send us (please see below for required file properties) or we can create a stunning design for you.

We design for you

In case you want us to create a design for your project, we’ll listen to your wishes and start creating from there. We will always send you a design proposal for your approval before we launch the design in our lasercutter.

For simple design work – for example styling a text in a font of your choice and adding a small illustration – there is no additional fee next to the price of the item that is in your quote. However, should an additional design fee apply in order to accomplish the design of your wishes, we’ll make sure to clearly communicate and get your approval for the extra cost before we take the design any further.

Please note that we design exclusively in function of lasercutting projects. We do not offer graphic services for traditional printing or purposes other than lasercutting in our studio.

stamp Hoshii

You send us your design

In case you already have a design ready – for example a logo or artwork that was made by a graphic designer – we can use that design. If any small modifications are needed in function of lasercutting, we’ll take care of that.

Please take into account the following file properties when sending us your artwork:

  • all artwork needs to be in vectors. Any file with extension .ai or .eps (in some cases also .pdf) is suitable for lasercutting. If your artwork includes text, make sure to convert it to outlines before sending us the file.
  • in case you do not have any of above files, please send us the artwork in .jpeg or .png in black & white. In most cases, we’ll be able to transfer it to a vector file. Additional costs may apply.
  • if you are ordering a rubber stamp, please check that lines in your artwork have a minimum thickness of 0,5mm. Thinner lines may not stamp well.

If you have any questions about using your own design for a lasercutting project, please contact us.