So this is oour story

We are creative studio specialized in custom made lasercutting & engraving. Our mission is to make your special moments truly personal.
  • Our work

    You can count on us for little luxuries like a personalized cake topper. But if you see things bigger, we love full scope projects too. Tell us your story and we'll be happy to share with you our ideas for lasercut & engraved details. From design to production, we do it all in our studio.

  • We also love to work for and with your business. We have lovely collaborations with renowned wedding & event planners, photographers, jewellery designers, and other creative professionals.

  • Wood is totally our thing, it's the material that we use most. But we also work with acrylic, stoneware, etc. A lasercutter can handle many different materials, it's like the best invention ever. So feel free to hit us with your craziest ideas.

  • About Caroline

    She is HOSHII's founder and creative dreamer. She takes care of basically everything because HOSHII is a one-woman-business. But she does get support and cheering from family and friends to keep business running and growing.

  • As a little girl, Caroline wanted to become an inventor. Adventure (and officially also studies) led her to go live in Japan, love brought her back to Belgium. After working 10 years in several jobs and companies, Caroline picked up her childhood dream and started inventing in the shape of lasercutting.

  • What's in a name

    HOSHII is a Japanese word used when seeing something that triggers and inspires you, makes you happy, even a little bit greedy. That is exactly what we want our work to do for you.